TerraTrike Rambler Is The Ultimate Comfort Trike

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Is the TerraTrike Rambler a “Sell Out” for going Ultra Comfort with its higher seat and wider Harley style handlebars? Or is it just selling out. Well the latter is more likely the case. The Rambler has been the trike of choice for new trike owners.

Is Rambler The Ultimate Comfort Trike?

After surveying many Rambler trike owners, it seems to be because with its lighter cro-moly frame for lifting into cars and trucks as well as the up to 27 speeds for better gear ratio allowing for better hill climbing and faster on the bike trail.

TerraTrike said with its introduction in 2011 “The Rover was, no doubt, very well received in the market, and we were very pleased to see the trike helping so many new people get into or back into cycling. But, there were still a lot of people asking for something similar but with a more refined design and more gearing, so we created the Rambler.” says Jeff Yonker, Marketing Director at TerraTrike. “We think this design combines all the great features of the Rover and Cruiser and then takes it to the next level.”

The Rambler also comes with a new improved TerraTrike adjustable seat. Recline adjustments from 40 to 90 degrees allows the rider, not the manufacturer, to set the angle at which you feel most comfortable – and at 15″ high, it’s still a full 5″ taller than most trikes. Similar to the Rover, the seat also slides along the frame allowing for quick adjustments for riders with similar leg lengths. This trike is easy to get in and out of and adjusts in seconds. The Rambler comes in two colors, orange and green.

Because of the design, it has a very small turning radius (in most cases even shorter than a standard upright bicycle). You can take your Rambler into places that had never before been accessible to trikes. They’ve also included locking brake levers as a standard component so you’ll stay put once you get to where you’re going.

The 2012 Ramblers retail at $1499 to $2399 depending on the component level. You can test ride and get your new Rambler at our Sacramento Recumbent Trikes Store.

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