TerraTrike Storage Solution Bags

TerraTrike Storage Solution Bags

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TerraTrike Storage Solutions Bags

Adventure Ready BagsTerraTrike, makers of the world’s most comfortable recumbent trikes, announced the expansion of its popular Storage Solutions Collection with seven new bags. Building on the adventure capability of the popular TerraTrike line, there are now 14 unique bags in the TerraTrike Storage Solutions Collection.

“It’s not enough to just get around in comfort on a TerraTrike these days, customers are demanding adventure-ready gear – from a simple jaunt down to the store to a sojourn across the desert of New Mexico,” said Jeff Yonker, marketing director at TerraTrike.

Whether commuting, exercising or touring, the new additions to the Storage Solutions Collection protect gear from water, dirt, road grime and wind damage. Made with durable polyester and nylon, most of the new bags are custom-fitted to late model TerraTrikes. Many will also fit other recumbent trike brands.

“People are getting further and further off the beaten path and going on longer and longer rides with our trikes,” said Yonker. “The Storage Solutions Collection was built to make sure they can carry everything they need. We love seeing how far out customers go and, of course, hearing them rave about how capable trikes are.”

Storage Solutions Bags Expands Mobile Storage OptionsThe seven additions to the Storage Solutions Collection include:

Versa Bag ($29.95 MSRP) – Designed to attach to the popular VersaBars accessory (sold separately), this compact bag is great for a cell phone, wallet, camera, keys or map. When used with the VersaBars, it is easily accessible while riding and the clear vinyl pocket is perfect for map viewing on the move. Easily attached and removed with two Velcro straps. Sold individually, they can be mounted on either or both sides of the trike.

Easy Reach Bag ($24.95 MSRP) – A simple, durable bag to carry the items most riders have in their pockets. Large enough to carry a phone, keys, wallet, camera or trail snack. Velcro straps allows it to be mounted just about anywhere. The two interior pockets are gusseted to keep objects in place when opened.

Deluxe Seat Bag ($54.95 MSRP) – A more refined version of our original seat bag, it features two clips and a bottom strap to securely mount it on the back of a rider’s seat. The full-width zipper allows easy access and the top flap opens so items won’t fall out. Plenty of space for a cell phone, wallet, keys, camera, tools, a pump and a small lunch.

Commuter Pannier ($99.95 MSRP) – Designed with an integrated rain-fly and plenty of pockets and space, this bag will safely and conveniently transport a tablet or small laptop, important papers or text books. Make it a mobile briefcase or simply extra storage for any adventure by removed the detachable tablet sleeve.

Expedition Pannier ($119.95 MSRP) – The largest bag in the Storage Solutions collection, it’s perfect for trikepacking or just carrying a lot of groceries. The two zippered extension pockets on the end expand the overall length of the bag and can easily fit a tent, short camping chair or folded fishing pole.

Stowaway Bag ($119.95 MSRP) – The Stowaway Bag is the most unique bag in the Storage Solutions family. This “U” shaped bag fits neatly behind the seat, wraps around the rear wheel where it helps lower the trike’s center of gravity. The zippered ends allow for easy access from either side, and the Velcro interior partitions allow customization of the space.

Low Rider Rack – Designed to sit behind and under the seat, it allows for attachment of low profile panniers, such as the Commuter Pannier or Expedition Pannier and is also the perfect mounting point for electric assist batteries, helping to keep the trike’s center of gravity low.

Requires the addition of the appropriate Low Rider Rack Fit Kit (sold separately, $12.95 MSRP). Available for Rambler, Rover and Sportster models.

The original Storage Solutions Collection includes: Adventure Pannier (two durable saddle bags), Shopping Bag (perfect for that Sunday grocery store run), Trunk Pack (a handy, durable bag that attaches to the top of a Rear Rack), Deluxe Trunk Pack (an expandable version of the Trunk pack with a custom mounting plate for quick detachment), Cargo Rack (sits above the rear wheel and allows for attachment of panniers and a trunk pack), Seat Bag (a compact bag for pocket items), and Bottle Pocket (a padded sleeve for a water bottle that easily attached with Velcro).

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