The Easy Way to Sit in a Trike

The Easy Way to Sit in a Trike

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Laid-Back Mickey here, going over how to get in and out of a trike properly. We're going to talk about the right way to do it and also the wrong ways to get on a trike. We will also go over some accessories that will make it a little easier to get in and out of a trike. Most trikes are about the seat height of a dining room chair. So, most of them will be pretty easy to get in and out of to start with. Now, there's a few ways to get in and out of a trike and I want to show you them. The first way is to step over it; kind of like you would do a regular bicycle. But the difference is that with a bicycle you have to lift your leg a lot higher while on a tricycle you just lift it one step. Now, the first thing you should have done is locked your brakes. Notice how the trike wants to roll away. You don't want the trike to roll away so, I’m going to actually step back over and put on the brakes. On this ICE trike, the brake is down here at the bottom to lock it, so it doesn’t move. On Catrike’s and Terra trikes, they’re on the brake lever which has a little locking button to lock the trike. On this one here it's down a little lower so now I can do it again and it's not going to roll away. I’m going to step over and I’m going to grab my handlebars and sit down. On the ICE trike, you don't want to put a lot of pressure on the handlebars because they're lightweight handlebars. They actually make grab handles to make it easier to get in and out of it, if you want. These grab handles are an accessory that you can put here on the trike. And then you can lift yourself up and they're super strong. But this trike is pretty easy, and it is pretty high up. I could lean back and just relax and go for a ride. But when I get out what I do is sit up and move towards the center. You could push on the wheels, or if you had the grab handles you could push on the grab handles, or if you got the right strength you could just stand up. I like to get out of trikes just by walking forward and snaking around the crank set. That's another way to get in a trike. Rather than letting your feet leave the ground you could just spread your legs a little bit and back into the trike. Which means that if you have some balance issues you don't have to lift your leg over. You could always keep your feet on the ground, and you would just snake around the crank set. So that's how you get in and out of most trikes. Now some trikes that are lower use those grab handles. And the higher trikes are easier to get in and out of. We classify trikes as low to the ground, medium, and then higher. Most Terra trikes are going to be higher. This is an ICE adventure that's a little higher. We also have the Green Speed magnums that are higher. A Catrike Villager is going to have higher seating, which is easier to get in and out of. And then they have some mid-range trikes along with some really low ones. With these trikes, the lower you go the faster you go, and those are harder to get in and out of. So, maybe you do, or you don't want the grab handles. It all depends on your strength ability to get going. Now I’m going to come over here, step over, make sure it's locked so it doesn't rollaway, sit down, and that is it folks. That's how you get in and out of a trike.

I just showed you the right way to get in and out of trikes. But let me show you the bad ways that we learned from the very get-go. People always try to do it this way and I tell them don't do it because you'll fall, and you'll hurt yourself. Let me show you what not to do. Getting out is easy for me. But sometimes I see people that want to come in from behind and they want to step over and do a twister type thing. And this is just going to get you into a trippy situation where you fall forward. So, you don't want to come in from behind the seat because that's going to be more dangerous than anything. That's probably one of the most dangerous ways that I’ve seen people come in, is come in from behind. Or if you come in from the drive side and you go to step over you could catch the chain. My favorite way is just to back in. Either back in, that keeps you the safest, or come in on the non-drive side, where the chain is not, and it is easy to step over. That's the right way, don't step in from behind because that's the wrong way. Laid-Back Mickey and I'll see you on the next video.

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