The Hidden Benefit Of Recumbent Trikes

The Hidden Benefit Of Recumbent Trikes

The Hidden Benefit Of Recumbent Trikes: Community

Laid Back Cycles does multiple community rides and maintenance workshops each year. Interacting with the recumbent trike community is one of the best parts of owning a trike. Hopefully, we will see you at the next Laid Back Cycles event!

There are many benefits to riding a recumbent trike including comfort, freedom, and exercise. One benefit that is easily overlooked is the community aspect of riding recumbent tricycles. While getting out on the trail, getting fit, and feeling the wind flow over you are all great pleasures of trike riding, the recumbent trike community offers the fun you didn’t know you were looking for. When you’re riding down the road in your Catrike Dumont or TerraTrike Gran Tourismo for example, people will be shouting “Wow!” or be clambering to know more about your beautiful recumbent trike. Trike’s grab attention and will be the envy of your neighborhood. 

It’s not uncommon for me to get stopped on the trail to chat about my trike. “How does it feel? Can you go as fast as a road bike? Where can I try one?” These are all questions I get very often and the answer is… My recumbent trike feels great! The comfort is unmatched – it’s like a Lazy Boy on wheels! If they want to know how fast I can go, I simply challenge them to a friendly race (in which I win easily with my electric-assist motor). The great thing is, even without a motor, most folks are able to keep up with their road-warrior, two-wheel bike friends. Luckily, when people want to try it out, I simply direct them to Laid Back Cycles to try out any one of our recumbent trikes for free. 

Grabbing attention with your trike is certainly not the only benefit of community that you’ll receive. The real treat is when you find other recumbent riders.

Recumbent trike riders all have something in common – they choose the Freedom to Ride. No longer does knee or back pain, balance issues or fatigue stop you from cycling. Laid Back Cycles get you riding again. We also can help get you riding with other trikers! The recumbent trike community is so fun to be a part of – I speak from experience. 

For almost a decade, we have been able to put on community rides in sunny Fair Oaks, CA. Dozens of recumbent trike owners come out each time to be a part of the events. We meet up near the American River Trail and Laid Back Cycles team members lead different length and speed rides depending on your ability or inclination. Riding trikes with the Laid Back Cycles community is one of, if not my favorite thing. 

In addition to meeting up for rides, we also do maintenance workshops with our Master Technician, who teaches simple fixes for the trail. Fixing a flat, trike safety, lubing your chain, and common accessories needed are all on the agenda – plus more. These workshops are great opportunities to learn about keeping your trike healthy and meet other trike riders. 

In addition to our local rides and workshops, we also have ways to stay connected online. You can join our Facebook or interact in the comments on our YouTube videos.


If you are considering a recumbent trike or already have one, make sure to add community to your list of benefits. We love cultivating community at Laid Back Cycles and hope to see you in the shop or on the trail soon!

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