The Impossible Power Of Determination

The Impossible Power Of Determination

Paul Pritchard is not your average guy. An avid climber, Paul’s life changed after a freak climbing accident, leaving him a hemiplegic. Paul and his partner rode their Greenspeed trikes 1000 km over the world’s harshest terrain, the Himalaya.

To boldly go where no man has gone before… Pauls story reminds me of how we all have an adventurer inside of us. Maybe we aren’t climbing cliffs or traveling to exotic places, but we have a zest for life. Whether you are young or older, we all want to feel the blood pumping through our veins and the wind through our hair, if you still have hair.

Adventure is a big part of life. In these times it is even more important to not let the stresses, aches and pains from limiting us and creating new experiences. Check out the video on how Paul used his Greenspeed trike to conquer a new adventure.

“This journey was probably the most severe test run any trike could endure, and the Magnum stood up admirably.” A born explorer, Paul was one of the best rock climbers in Europe until 1998 when a climbing accident almost killed him. From the ABC Story
— Paul Pritchard, Adventurer / Tasmania

(Video by Griffon Media, Paul Pritchard. Source:

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