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Greenspeed Recumbent Trikes: A Revolution in Personal Transport

One of the oldest recumbent tricycle brands, Greenspeed started in 1990 but has remained a family business – four of owner Ian’s nine employees are family members – despite rapid growth. Greenspeed – a revolution in personal transport, – is based in Australia and started much like Laid Back Cycles, in an outdoor shed. Ian originally built trikes on-demand, creating about one ride per month, but production increased as demand grew and soon the company expanded into three factories, nine employees and even required outsourcing of one size frame, creating a cost-effective option named the GT3. Laid Back Cycles carries all of Greenspeed’s recumbent tricycles including the adjustable Magnum, the bargain GT1 and the legendary tandem GTT TandemTrike.

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The Aero has been designed to satisfy the “Need for Speed”. The design builds on the best features of previous GreenSpeed trikes, including the SLR race trike which has dominated Australian Pedal Prix racing for the last ten years.

Thus the Aero is a road version of the SLR, with more speed features to make it the fastest production trike in the world.

X7 Sports

The X7 is designed as a Sports Trike to fill the gap between our Aero Race Trike and our GT20 Light Touring Trike. While not as extreme as the very low, no compromise, Aero, it is faster, and has better handling and road holding, than the more upright GT20. Plus, unlike the Aero, it folds for transport.

The X7 is a Sports Trike, which is designed to be ridden on the road, and on good bicycle trails. It is not designed to be ridden off road. The 16” wheels give it both performance and a compact size which cannot be matched by trikes with 20” wheels and larger. Thus it is an ideal trike for transportation, be it by car, train, boat or plane. Plus it is an ideal trike where there may be limited space for storage and parking.


The GT20 is a new Greenspeed trike which is exceptionally easy to ride. Introduced at the 2015 Recumbent Cycle-Con show in Cincinnati, four different riders claimed it was the best trike at the show, and the guy who bought the 1st prototype, claimed he could climb hills in two gears higher than he could on his other 4 trikes.

A carefully engineered, light weight frame, low rolling resistance tires, and an efficient drive train, give exceptional performance, which make this trike a real joy to ride, for commuting, touring or just exercising and having fun.

Magnum XL

The new 2017 Magnum trike builds on our very successful Magnum which was launched in 2012, and has been our best seller since then. The 2017 Magnum comes in two sizes, the SD which is the same size as the original Magnum, and the XL, which is the largest production trike in the world, built to accommodate riders up to 7 foot in height and weighing up to 450 lbs.

Hand Magnum

Whereas most hand trikes are developed from wheelchairs to which a front driving wheel has been added, GreenSpeed hand trikes are developed from GreenSpeed recumbent trikes, and have rear wheel drive, with two front steering wheels. Thus they have both superior traction, and better steering and handling, with a smaller turning circle, making them more manoeuvrable. The Hand Magnum is the result of over 20 years of development. It has a 7005 aluminium alloy folding frame for transport, and folding column to ease entry and exit. It will take riders up to 400 lbs, and is suitable for touring, commuting, exercising and just having fun.


The GreenSpeed Aunra is designed for riders who may have problems getting in and out of the low seats on most tadpole (two front wheels, one rear wheel) trikes. The seat on the Anura is as high or higher than most kitchen chairs, at 18” from the ground, plus there is no cross member in front of the seat, or wheels to the side. Thus it is very easy to mount and dismount.

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