The Top 3 Pedal-Assist Options at Laid Back Cycles

The Top 3 Pedal-Assist Options at Laid Back Cycles

Video Transcript

Hi, this is James, Master Trike Technician at Laid Back Cycles. Today we are going to discuss the three best electric assist options at Laid Back Cycles.

Let’s start with the E-Cat Villager. It has the Bosch Active Line Plus motor on top of it. This is a torque cadence-based system, very natural. This particular system over here is made by Bosch, which is one of the biggest companies in the world. That particular unit actually has some car components inside of it. That’s how big Bosch is, they know how to do things, and this is one of the most natural feeling systems as far as motor assist goes. It feels just like it does when you don’t have a motor, except the hills won’t kill you.

Next, we have the ICE Adventure. This uses the Shimano EP8 system. The Shimano system and the Bosch system share very similar workings. Essentially how you pedal determines the output, which again is very natural feeling. Shimano has been around, and they are one of the biggest component manufacturers for bikes. They know how to do a motor system. The secondary thing about this system, because it is Shimano, it can be matched to an automatic or semi-automatic system on the ICE. This is a great system for people who aren’t that comfortable with shifting. They can literally just get on, set it, pedal, and go on certain select drive trains like the Enviolo or the Shimano internal gear.

Last is the Terra Trike E.V.O. which is one of my favorites. This has the Bosch Performance Line motor, which has a little more torque than the Active Line which was on the E-Cat Villager. Other than that, it works about the same. It has an upgraded Kiosk display, so you get more data, and you can even hook it up to your cell phone. On top of the Catrike and the Terratrike, if you have one of these brands and you don’t have a motor on it, you can put the Active Line system on both the Terratrike and the Catrike.

One nice thing about all these different motor systems over here is that they are very uncomplicated. There’s no fiddling around, it’s not like you’re turning on an airplane. Essentially you just pick what level you want to go, get in, and ride. The electronics, the brains of the systems, essentially do all that for you. Okay, so which of these motors is best for you? Well, I wouldn’t buy a trike specifically on what motor it has. At Laid Back Cycles, we want to give you the freedom to ride. You should get a trike that feels the best, fits the best for you, and then pick out which motor you should have. And these are your three best options for pedal assist motors at Laid Back Cycles. Both the Bosch Kiosk and the EP8 display will connect to your phone. In fact, we have a video on that one if you want to take a look at the inner workings of that hooked up to your phone. Now there are a few more things on these motors, so watch our next video and find out what they are.

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