Who Are Recumbent Trikes For? And Who They Are Not For...

Who Are Recumbent Trikes For? And Who They Are Not For...

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Video Transcript

Laid Back Mickey here! Today we are asking the question: Who are trikes for?

  1. People who want a comfortable way to ride.

When I first looked at trikes, I was looking for something that was comfortable. I am an old bike rider and leaning over hurts my back and knees. I just wanted to find something that was comfortable. I wanted something I could just lay back on, pedal, exercise with, and ride for miles on without being in pain.

  1. People who are getting older.

I started riding trikes when I was in my 40’s but it is also for people in their 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s who are looking for a comfortable way to ride. Maybe you haven’t ridden in years and you want to be able to ride again for the first time in decades. Anybody can get on a trike because they are super stable, safe, and visible on the road. It is a fun way to get out and get exercise. I notice a lot of older people come into our shop and say, “I haven’t ridden in years and I want to ride”. Or they say, “I have been riding my whole life, but my doctor said my balance isn’t great anymore and I need to get on a trike”. And so maybe that’s for you.

  1. People who need adaptive cycling solutions.

Did you know that we do adaptive and we are a VA contractor? We work with Veterans that have disabilities. We also work with people that may not have full rotation in their knees and need an adaptor for that. We work with those who might have weakness in one hand so we have a brake that you can squeeze both levers with one hand. There are 100 different ways we can adapt a trike to fit you and to be comfortable for you.

The next question we plan to answer is: Who are trikes not for? We know that trikes are not for everybody. We had someone come into our shop the other day and they had a little kid that couldn’t ride a regular bicycle. They wanted to have the kid ride in one of our trikes, but the trike didn’t quite fit the small child. We don’t really sell trikes that are like tricycles for children like we do for adults. Trikes are also not for somebody that loves riding a regular bicycle and is fit. If you are younger, don’t have balance issues, and are comfortable with the smaller seat and thinner wheels then maybe a trike isn’t for you. Maybe it is not the right time for you to get one. 

But for those with balance issues, back issues, sore butt issues, or if you haven’t been on a bike in a long time, right now is a great time to get a trike. It’s a great time to get into triking, to get into cycling, to live a better life, and get the freedom to ride. So now that you know a recumbent trike is right for you, your next question is: How do I choose a recumbent trike with so many different options to choose from? Well check out the next video and you will learn all about it.  

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