Top 8 Accessories For Your Recumbent Trikes

Top 8 Accessories For Your Recumbent Trikes

These Are Our Top 8 Picks for Recumbent Trike Accessories in 2022

When you want to make the most of your cycling time out on your recumbent trike, accessories can make a big difference. Recumbent gear helps improve your experience and provides the little details that keep you safer and more comfortable. Here we look at the top eight accessories to take your 3-wheel bike experience to the next level.

Categories of Recumbent Trike Accessories

There are four categories of adult tricycle accessories:

  1. Safety: Under this category, you’ll find the accessories that help improve your trike’s visibility to drivers. However, they also allow you to remain more aware of your surroundings so you can keep an eye on vehicles, pedestrians, and other cyclists. This would include accessories such as flags, lights and mirrors.  
  2. Comfort: Whether you cycle 20 minutes a day, or spend hours on the trails, additional comfort is always a welcome feature for the avid recumbent cyclist. These trikes are designed for comfort, but some models are not as generous with comfort features. If you find your recumbent tricycle lacking comfort, there are lots of accessories available to make your ride more enjoyable. As a result, you can travel further, for longer.
  3. Storage: If you use your trike to run errands, or enjoy longer rides where a change of clothes or supplies are required, storage comes in handy. Under this category, you will find everything from cup and phone holders to stow-away bags.
  4. Accessibility: These accessories make it easier to get into and/or operate your adult tricycle and include handle accessories or chain adjusters.

When shopping for trike accessories, you can filter available products to make it easier to find the items that will meet your needs.

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The Top 8:

Here are the top eight recumbent trike accessories for cyclists:

1. Water Bottle Holder for Recumbent Trikes

Even a 20-minute cycle calls for hydration. A water bottle holder makes it easy to travel with your water within reach so you can rehydrate as you burn calories and use up energy. The hotter the day and the more vigorous the pace, the more you perspire. A water bottle/cup holder is the perfect place for your favorite sports drink, morning cup of coffee or water.

water bottle cage

2. Safety Flag for Recumbent Riders

Unfortunately, the world isn’t quite ready to keep an eye out for recumbent trike riders yet. Therefore, when out on the road, you need to draw more attention to yourself. Safety flags are the perfect solution. While they can also be used on trails, safety flags are something you shouldn’t travel without when riding in high vehicle traffic areas. Even when riding on the sidewalk, crossing at a crosswalk is dangerous when riding so low to the ground. A safety flag can be attached to your trike to draw attention to yourself as a lifesaving accessory must when riding in busier areas.

3. Phone Holder for Trike Riders

Even if you aren’t phone-obsessed like most people today, riding with a phone provides a quick way to reach people if you run into issues. Whether you are running late, experience a flat tire, or are in an accident, having your phone nearby keeps you in contact with loved ones, work and emergency services when required. A phone holder makes it easy to reach for your phone and reduces the risks of having it fall out of your pocket. You can also access music, make calls and keep in touch so people know you are safe. And let’s not forget the convenience of navigation apps when trying out a new trail. Apps are also available to track your miles and let’s not forget the all-important selfie opportunities to share your travel experiences along the trails.

4. Front Rear Light Mounts for Recumbents

If you ride at night having lights on your trike keeps you visible to runners, cyclists, pedestrians and drivers. In fact, they even help during the day.

5. Mirrors for Recumbent Trikes

Mirrors allow you to keep an eye on everything going on around you. The busier the trails or roads you ride, the more important mirrors become. It never hurts to know who or what is coming up behind you whether it is runners, cyclists, pedestrians or vehicles. You can avoid accidents and injuries to both yourself and those sharing the roads and trails when you become more aware of your surroundings.

6. Bag and Rack for Recumbent Trikes

Don’t get caught unprepared for issues like a flat or chain issues that call for quick repairs. A bag and rack are ideal for riding with tools to make repairs that allow you to get home safe. It’s also the easiest way to carry other things you need such as extra water, snacks, or foul weather gear. You can prepare for different scenarios that might interfere with a smooth, pleasant ride. These bags are easily mounted to the coordinating rack on your trike, so they are out of the way but easy to access when you need it.

7. Speedometer for Trikes

If you love to challenge yourself, having a speedometer mounted on your trike helps keep track of your speed to improve your personal best. However, it can also be used to measure how far you ride, your average speed and more.

8. Recumbent Trike Car Rack

When you head out on an exciting road trip, whether it is a picnic, a camping trip or a weekend getaway you don’t want to leave your trike behind. A trike car rack is the most convenient way to bring along your trike without taking up much-needed storage space on the roof or trunk of your vehicle. Although foldable trikes are another option, they take up a lot of space in your trunk. With the trike car rack, you get the best of both worlds. You can bring your trike along for the ride but still have enough space for all your other camping gear or luggage.

These are just some of the accessories that make your recumbent bike rides safer and more enjoyable. You can hit the trails with confidence knowing you’ve got all the latest gear and accessories to plan the ultimate triking adventure.  

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