Top 8 Accessories For Your Recumbent Trikes

Top 8 Accessories For Your Recumbent Trikes


Top 8 Accessories for Recumbent Trikes

Whether you are casually riding your trike around town or traveling long distances with your trike, having the right recumbent gear along for the ride can make all the difference in a safe and comfortable ride.

We have put together a list of our Top 8 Recumbent Trike Accessories. Depending on your trike riding style, you can easily choose which of these trike accessories will work best for your trike.

1Water Bottle Holder for Recumbent Trikes

Cup Holder / Water Bottle Holder For Recumbent Trike Riders

It is important to stay hydrated when riding your recumbent trike as you will be using energy, burning calories, and losing hydration through perspiration.

Having a cup holder on your trike is an easy way to carry along water, a sports drink, energy drink, or even a thermos of coffee.

Check out some of our different options for trike cup holders and water bottle holders.

2Safety Flag for Recumbent Riders

Safety Flags For The Safety Of Recumbent Riders

When riding your recumbent trike, you should always keep safety in mind, especially when you’re riding in a place where motor vehicles can drive.

Having a safety flag attached to your recumbent trike is extremely lightweight and goes almost unnoticeable, but most important could save your life by making you more visible to other vehicles!

Phone holder for trike riders

Phone Holder For Recumbent Trike Riders

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t leave home without your phone! So, why would you ride your recumbent trike without your phone? And rather than having your phone stuck in your pocket, causing discomfort and being hard to access, why not mount your phone on your recumbent trike!

This can be a super easy way to have instant access to your call, music, and more while riding your recumbent trike. Plus you can make use of your favorite apps, for navigation, for tracking your ride, or for taking pictures and videos along your trike experience.

4Front Rear Light Mounts for Recumbents

Front And Rear Light Mounts Increases Visibility

Having one light or multiple lights on your trike can help you be more visible to other runners, riders, or motorists.

Even if you’re not riding your trike at night, having a daytime light is still a very effective way to help others see where you are, and could help prevent collisions or accidents while riding your trike.

5mirrors for recumbent trikes

Recumbent Trike Mirrors To Prevent Accidents While Riding Trikes

Having mirrors on your trike can be a great way to help you see what’s going on around you.

Especially if you are riding on a heavily trafficked road or trail, being able to see what is coming behind you could help keep you safe from traffic and could help prevent an accident or injury.

6Recumbent Trike's seat bag

Seat Bag For Trike Riders To Carry Tools And Other Accessories

You can easily carry tools, snacks, or other gear along for the ride in an accessible seat bag.

Since this seat bag is mounted beneath your seat it helps keep it out of the way during your ride. Check out our terratrike seat bag and start carrying more items in your seat bag and not in your pockets!

7Speedometer for Trikes

Trike Speedometer To Manage Speed While Riding Recumbents

Having a speedometer mounted on your trike is a great way for you to manage your speed while riding.

It can also help you keep track of your trip distance, average speed, top speed, and more. Plus, it’s a great way for you to avoid a speeding ticket during your trike ride, haha!

We have a great digital speedometer available in our online trike store.

8Alpaca Recumbent Trike Rack

Recumbent Trike Rack To Carry Your Trikes On Camping Trips

Need to carry more than what your seat bag can hold? A trike rack can easily mount to your trike and provide more space for carrying even more items.

Whether you’re triking to a picnic or taking a weekend camping trip, a trike rack is the great place to store multiple items or larger items. You may also like to read one of our other articles dedicated to TerraTrike Traveler – A Portable Recumbent Trike for Travelers.

Now that your trike is accessorized and you’re well prepared for the adventures to come, get out there and ride your recumbent trike! Grab the family and/or your friends and plan a triking adventure that you can all can enjoy.

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