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Folding Recumbent Trikes – Fold Them Up & Take Them Anywhere!

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Folding Recumbent Trikes

Whether you have storage issues at home or want to travel to the best trails with your recumbent trike but it doesn’t fit in your car, it can be very convenient to have a folding recumbent trike. They come with all the features you love while allowing you to fold them up to fit in the trunk of your car, or store them more easily at home. Here we look at the folding trike, their features, benefits and who they are ideally designed for.

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What is a Folding Recumbent Trike?

The folding adult tricycle can be folded down when not in use. This makes it both easier to store and easier to transport. There are folding trikes available to match practically any standard model, including motorized trikes. Many fold up so compactly you can even use them when abroad, or when traveling on the train or bus. This provides more freedom to seek new trails and explore towns and cities to expand your vacation destination possibilities.

Cost of Folding Trikes

Be prepared to pay more for a folding recumbent trike in some cases. Although you might think of the folding trike as compact, and therefore more affordable, they require special mechanisms that allow them to fold. This can add to the cost of the 3-wheel bike for some models. Price the trikes out and if they seem to be on the higher end, ask yourself if you really need a folding recumbent tricycle. 

Are there other transporting options? How does this price compare to the cost of the folding feature? Will you have to sacrifice features to find an affordable folding model? How often will you need to transport it? Does it justify the additional cost if there is one? Do you travel with a friend? If so, can their vehicle be used instead of yours to accommodate the trikes?

Who Uses Folding Recumbent Trikes?

For the most part, owners of folding trikes are people who tend to travel more often with smaller vehicles. The length of the trip isn’t what counts but instead the ability to access trails too far off to cycle to. So if you have a smaller vehicle and want to explore new trails either locally or in another state, the folding recumbent trike is an excellent option. However, people who live in smaller homes such as condos with limited storage also benefit from a folding recumbent trike.  

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What are The Best Folding Recumbent Trikes?

There are many options available to suit just about any cyclist’s needs including:

TerraTrike Traveler: This is the best choice for really small cars, especially if you cycle with a friend or partner. It can fold down small enough to fit two even in a sub-compact and still allows room for other things like overnight bags, picnic lunches, etc. It also offers an excellent ride with features you’ll appreciate like the strong carbon steel frame, direct steering, and disc brakes.

Folded TerraTrike Traveler on a dark background

Catrike 5.5.9, Dumont, and Trail: These trikes offer extra features you’ll appreciate if you love taking longer rides. It has not just an extra cushy seat, but also padded wrist rests, and an ergonomic adjustable seatback. You’ll also love the advanced self-centering technology, no-break steering, and convenient rear-view mirror for added safety and confidence.

Folded orange Catrike 5.5.9.

All Greenspeed Trikes: Greenspeed rules in the world of folding recumbent trikes and are the ultimate smaller trike. If you aren’t big on fussing over folding and unfolding the trike, they are a great choice. They offer a quick-fold design and a quick-release hinge on the frame. People find they can tackle the folding in less than a minute.

Folded red Greenspeed GT20

ICE Adventure E-Assist Models (also many ICE models): If you love long rides with more controls, this electronic trike is the foldable choice for you. People love the higher, more accessible seating position, and the boost of power when faced with hills on more rugged trails. They use a Flat Twist Fold with an updated handlebar that keeps everything aligned when folding and unfolding the trike. It also offers the types of features cyclists look for including a nice wide cockpit, ergonomically correct seat and a smooth ride.

ICE Adventure folding graphic

Considerations When Choosing a Folding Trike

There are four things that become more important when choosing a folding trike:

1. Folding Mechanism

Make sure you understand how the folding mechanisms work. Have a demo, then try to fold, lift and unfold the trike on your own. You want to make sure you can manage the folding mechanisms and also lift it easily into and out of your vehicle or storage space. Consider how much strain the folding puts on the frame, and also if it will mess with the alignment if not folded properly.

2. Weight

Since you are choosing a folding trike so you can either store it or transport it, you will ultimately have to lift it often. You’ll need to make sure the weight and flexibility of the trike are a good match for your lifting capabilities. It might sound all well and good if it becomes compact, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the trike will weigh less. The average trike weighs about 35 pounds and the average motorized trike weighs about 52. So, fold it and lift it to get a feel for how manageable it is before making a purchase.

3. Maneuverability

This refers to how maneuverable the trike is when folded. Some can’t be rolled, which means they will be harder to maneuver. It goes back to point number two. If you have to depend on lifting and carrying the trike instead of being able to wheel it part of the way, it becomes more difficult to handle.  

4. Folded Size

Just because the trike folds doesn’t necessarily mean it fits anywhere. Be sure you understand the folded size. Although the fold reduces the length, it then makes it wider. Measure the storage area of your vehicle, as well as where you store it at home to make sure it fits.


The folded trike is the ideal choice if you want a trike you can pop in the trunk of your small vehicle and head out to discover new trails, parks and towns. It is also an option if you have a smaller home with limited storage. In some cases a very compact foldable trike even allows you to take your trike along when traveling abroad.  For more information about folding recumbent trikes, speak to our team.


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