Types Of Recumbent Trikes – Tadpole Trikes And Delta Trikes

Types Of Recumbent Trikes – Tadpole Trikes And Delta Trikes

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Some Choices as You Look for Your Own Recumbent Trike.

Always test ride several tadpole and/or delta trikes to find YOUR favorite trike before you buy. Test riding helps you find the perfect trike for you, whether it’s a high seat, low set, 8 speed or twenty seven speeds, test riding will help you find the perfect trike for you.

We would be glad to have you come here to try them and in some cases we will come to you, ask for details. If you are too far away from any shops stocking a variety of trikes we can help you pick one and ship it to you. But test riding recumbent is the best.




Tadpole Trikes - Greenspeed Magnum


Tadpole Trikes have two front wheels that steer.

They have one rear wheel, which is driven by the pedals.

Tadpole trikes tend to be lower, smaller, lighter, faster, sportier, easy to get into and out of and less expensive than the Delta trikes.

They are stable, comfortable and typically more stable at higher speeds and are great for the short or distance riders.


Delta Trikes - Greenspeed Anura


Delta Trikes have one wheel in front that does the steering. They usually drive one of the rear wheels; a few delta trikes like the Greenspeed Anura drive like both rear wheels. One-wheel drive delta trikes pull to one side when accelerating and climbing which can be annoying.

The less expensive Delta trikes usually have over seat steering (OSS) They are usually higher, easier to get into and out of, larger, heavier, slower and less sporty. The least expensive recumbent trikes are Delta trikes.

My Preferences Revealed:

I prefer tadpole trikes, they are light, compact and sporty. Greenspeed came out with the Magnum tadpole trike which I believe will ultimately replace their and other delta trikes. It’s light, comfy, has an adjustable seat that can go high or low and handles up to 400 lbs.

I prefer drum brakes which require less adjustment and are easy to take off. Disk brakes are typically more powerful but most will find the drum brake more than sufficient.

Everyone has their own set of preferences. Reading is good but only your test riding will tell which you prefer.

At Laid Back Cycles we are here to help you find what’s the best recumbent trike for you.

We serve all of Northern California from Tahoe to Sacramento to San Francisco and beyond!

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