Safety Accessories for Recumbent Trikes

Safety Accessories for Recumbent Trikes

These Are the Safety Accessories You Should Be Considering

Getting the most enjoyment from your recumbent trike is all the better when you feel safer on your rides. Although your trike is designed for safety, it really doesn’t hurt to look at some of the safety accessories available to provide even more confidence when out and about. Here we look at the best safety accessories for recumbent trikes with something for everyone who wants a worry-free ride.

Avoid Mud and Water Spray

Whether you don’t let the weather interfere with your rides or are out riding after heavy rains, the spatter from water and mud can put a downer on your day out on the trails. The Catrike Front Fender Set helps protect you against that messy mud and water spray so you can feel comfortable even after pedaling through a massive, unexpected puddle.

catrike fender

Safe Night Riding

Adding lights to your trike keeps you completely visible even on roads without streetlights. Some great options include:

The Cygolite Hypershot 350 Lumen

This one-of-a-kind taillight makes it close to impossible not to see you from behind, thanks to the extremely bright 350-lumen bulb. This is a must when out on busier streets but also protects you on those quieter side streets where surrounding lights might not be available to catch the glow strips on your gear.

The Combo Light Kit For Recumbents

If you want people to see you coming and going, this combo set is the answer. The headlight and taillight are made of durable alloy and have a three-level battery indicator. You’ll never get caught out in the dark without power. The built-in accelerometer ensures you don’t run out of juice. The lights automatically switch to constant burst mode when your battery runs low and will brighten as you slow down.

The COB LED Light

This light mounts to the seat position and features a built-in acceleration sensor for Kinetic mode. It will shift into High automatically when it senses deceleration and switch over to flashing mode when power is low.

ICE Front Light Mount

Feel safer out on your night rides with this front light mount. You’ll have a firm light mounting point that you just bolt to the bottle bosses on the boom derailleur post. Its adaptable horizontal tube is 1” in diameter, so it should work with just about any handlebar front lights.

combo light kit

Safer Pedals

If you like the bumpy trails, pedal conversion kits offer an excellent way to feel more in control and reduce the risk of slips from the pedals. The TerraTrike Comfort Pedal Conversion Kit is a great accessory if you want a comfortable foot support solution for added confidence when pedaling. They mount to your pedals and are usually one size fits all making it easy to convert a standard pedal with secure heel support. There are also Shimano Pedals if you want to improve efficiency. You get the efficiency of the SPD system and the convenience of a platform pedal. You can customize the entry and release tension settings to suit your needs. It also has a sealed mechanism and serviceable cup and cone bearings for less maintenance.

Shimano SPD pedals

Ankle Support

If you need ankle support and a completely secure pedal, the TerraTrike Pedals - Platform Heel Support With Straps is the accessory for you. The complete foot platform offers solid heel support, while the two oversized straps help keep you more visible with a reflective strip. The strips and stainless-steel ringlets provide a sturdy, comfortable fit and a counterbalance keeps your pedal in the upright position to make your entry and exit smooth and easy. It works especially well for special needs and motor control issues. This replacement pedal is not compatible with Tandem Pro in the stoker position, so keep that in mind. If you have smaller feet, the Pedal Platform w/straps kit might be better for you.

heel straps

Emergency Repair Kits

We always advise you don’t head out on your recumbent trike without a tool kit for emergency repairs. Some great kits to consider include:

Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite Tool Kit

This Compact Mini Tool Kit has organized tool bits to handle a wide range of adjustments and road repairs. The extender fits into the handle for more leverage, and you’ll have pretty much everything you need to tackle unexpected issues, including:

  • Fine ratchet reversible magnetic handle
  • 2,2.5,3,4,5,6 and 8mm hex keys
  • Two Tire Levers
  • #2 Phillips bit T10 and T25 Torx bits

You can simplify hydraulic disc brake work and other minor adjustments. Everything is organized in a compact nylon carrying case for easy storage.

Topeak Alien III Bike Multi-Tool

Some say this is the only multi-tool you’ll need to bring along on your rides. Its stainless-steel body is built to last while also offering a slimmer profile. It’s all about ease with a take-apart design, self-tightening tools and a nifty nylon bag.

topeak multitool

Be More Aware of Your Surroundings

The Trike Sideview Mirror is great if you suffer from neck issues because you don’t have to worry about turning your head. This mirror is 3” in diameter, completely adjustable and also folds in when trail riding. It even comes with its own wrench for easy installation. You can also consider the Catrike Mirror Mount which affixes to the right side. It also works as a mount for other accessories as a bonus.


Make a Little Noise

The smooth, silent ride of your recumbent trike is great, but if your trike didn’t come with all the “bells” and whistles, you could announce your approach with the IncrediBell-XL Safety Bell. It’s nice and loud and a bit bigger, so it’s close to impossible not to be heard.


Get Noticed with Flags

Make sure you remain visible on the road. The Teardrop Flag is made of indestructible nylon fabric and features reflective edging for safer night riding. The selection of bold graphics and colors not only makes you noticeable but also adds a fun, stylized look to your trike. The flags are 36″ x 9″, which you mount to the 48″ flagpole included. 

Just slide the pole into the seat mesh grommet, and you’re good to go. You can also use the ICE Flag Mount if you want to add another flag. It has built-in seat top holes and is even more effective on the Sprint if you want a more vertical, visible flag position. The mount clamps to any 1” diameter tube on your trike.

These accessories help you enjoy a safer ride regardless of the types of trails you love or the roads you travel.

teardrop flag

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