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Who Are Recumbent Trikes Good For?

Who Are Recumbent Trikes Good For?

Recumbent trikes or recumbent tricycles are 3 wheel bikes with a lower profile and a reclined seated position. As a result, they offer a far more comfortable, stabler ride than your traditional bicycle. Their unique ergonomic design offers an alternative for older cyclists, those with balance challenges, and those who want to keep active, but don’t want to use a traditional bicycle. Here we look at who recumbent trikes are good for and why.

People Who Are Getting Older

As we age, we might become less confident riding a traditional bicycle. Issues such as sore joints, as well as balance challenges, can also make it difficult to ride a traditional bicycle. However, the design of the recumbent trike provides more stability so you can cycle with confidence. First, the three wheels mean your skill level to ride a traditional bike becomes a non-issue. So even if you have never ridden a bike in your life, this offers an excellent option for getting around town and staying active. 

Next, being lower to the ground and the added balance of the third wheel reduces the risk of falls you can experience riding an upright bicycle. As a result, you not only reduce your risk of getting injured but also enjoy riding in a more comfortable position. The comfort is thanks to the reclined seat. The seat also allows you to exercise your thighs, calves and glute muscles without as much strain. 

Last but not least, the additional wheel makes it safer to avoid unexpected obstacles such as a dog or child running in front of you when out enjoying your favorite park trails. If you are worried about becoming less active as you age, it’s worth your time to take a recumbent trike out for a test drive.

People with Disabilities or Physical Limitations

If you have limitations or disabilities, the recumbent trike could be a good option for you. Of course, it depends on the type of disability and limitation. Because of the unique configuration of the trike, many people find it can work well for limitations such as joint pain. This is because a recumbent trike’s reclined position puts less strain on the knees, especially on the anterior cruciate ligaments. 

So, for those who suffer from arthritis of the knees, the recumbent trike is an excellent option for exercise. The reclined position ensures the weight of your body is evenly distributed so no single area of your body receives extensive pressure while you ride. Benefits for those with disabilities and limitations include:

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Proper support for the neck, shoulders, back, and buttocks

  • Reducing weight and pressure on the wrist and hands

  • Reducing the load on the buttocks and spinal cord

Traditional upright bikes put all the pressure on your buttocks and spinal cord, while also causing neck strain. There’s no need to worry about pain due to this unnecessary pressure. 

People Who Want to Be Comfortable Cycling

Recumbent trikes are designed for comfort. They make cycling a more relaxing activity, while also preventing pain in the back, shoulders, and wrists. Many people find they can cycle greater distances because their body is so relaxed. Because the seat is ergonomically correct, recumbent trikes keep your head in a natural, erect position. You enjoy greater visibility, a bonus when touring new areas or taking in the beauty of nature on cycling trails. Facing forward also means you are more aware of your surroundings so you are less likely to have accidents. You can sit back and enjoy a comfortable ride. 

Since the trike has a lower center of gravity you have better handling when taking corners or when you have to stop suddenly. All of these comfortable features allow you to cycle further and faster. The trikes also tend to have more storage capacity than traditional bicycles so you can head out prepared with additional clothing, water, food and other supplies to make a day of it. If you plan longer trips often, electric-assist models are the perfect choice as you can reduce extending your own energy thanks to the motor.

Other Benefits of the Recumbent Trike

If you are finding getting enough exercise is becoming more difficult, the recumbent trike is your key to leading a more active lifestyle. This is very important at any age, but the older we get the more important it becomes. This is because activity uses our muscles and improves blood flow. As the saying goes, motion is lotion. Cycling on a recumbent trike is an excellent way to improve tissue elasticity in the joints so we maintain a healthy range of motion. You can maintain an active lifestyle without a high risk of injury and added stress on your joints. 

Cycling is also an excellent cardio workout, so your heart is pumping, and you can enjoy improved heart health. You can increase muscle strength without the strain of things such as weightlifting. Instead, you exercise your muscles from a comfortable position, reducing strain and allowing you to remain active. Cycling on a trike allows you to target several muscles including your glutes, hamstrings, calves and quadriceps. So instead of allowing your body to reduce its level of mobility, you can choose to continue living an active lifestyle. You can get outdoors and reap the benefits of being close to nature without feeling vulnerable to injuries.

What Types of Recumbent Trikes are Available?

In addition to basic models the most common types of recumbent trikes include:

  • Folding: Whether you have limited storage space or want to take your trike along on a trip, the folding recumbent trike is the perfect solution.

  • Electric Assist: As already mentioned, the electric assist recumbent trike offers hours of power for longer trips, or for those with physical limitations.

  • Suspension: Suspension trikes are designed for the path less travelled offering better traction and a smoother ride on rough terrain. They also allow you to gain more speed with better control.

As you can see, recumbent bikes offer an excellent option for people who want to stay active at any age or when faced with limitations and disabilities. You can also cycle further and faster in comfort with this adult tricycle. If you are interested in learning more about recumbent trikes, reach out to our team to request your free trike buying guide today.

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