Baby Boomers Turn To Cool Adult Tricycles

The boomer generation is looking for a new and better way to cycle and the growing answer is a three-wheeled bicycle (adult tricycles). For those who are looking for a recreational bike that will give more stability than a two-wheeled and the ultimate in comfort, a three wheeled bike is a great cycling option for boomers.

Baby Boomers turn to cool adult tricycles

As for older boomers and seniors and those who have concerns with their balance or stamina. Here’s some tips to help you shop your favorite recumbent trike. 

What Is Recumbent Trike?

“Recumbent” means that you are sitting in down with your feet in front of you. “Trike” is for a three-wheeled cycle. There are two types of trikes “tadpole recumbent trikes” which have three wheels with two in the front and one behind the rider. The other style of trike is known as a “delta trike” and has one wheel in front and two in the back.

Types of Recumbent Trikes

How Safe Are Three Wheeled Trikes?

If you are worried about falling, an adult tricycle is a great option to consider because of the stability it provides. With a tricycle, you can ride as slow as you want without ever losing your balance and you can put both feet on the ground while seated, which is very reassuring for many older riders.

Adult tricycles are much easier than a traditional bike; brands such as TerraTrike are very easy to get in and out of because of the seat height and the raised, ergonomic handlebars are easier to reach and grip; and offer oversize seats (some even have backrests) for comfort and support.

Types Of Adult Tricycles

There are literally dozens of different types of adult tricycles to choose from with prices ranging anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. To help you figure out the right kind of tricycle that meets your needs and budget, here’s a breakdown of the different styles and costs, along with some popular models to checkout.

There are several styles of adult trikes to choose from and the prices range in the hundreds to several thousand. In the modern day tadpole trike there is one manufacturer that has dominated the trike market because of their low price and high quality and they are Terratrike. They surely have brought trikes to the everyday rider. Here’s a breakdown of different styles and costs, as well as some recommended models;

Recumbent Trikes

These allow you to recline with your legs positioned in front of you. They are very comfortable, easy on the back and aerodynamic which make them ideal for cruising around town, riding the bike trail or touring. See our TerraTrike collection, Catrike collection, Greenspeed collection and KMX collection for a nice variety of recumbent trikes, but be aware that recumbent trikes are more expensive than upright models, typically ranging between $800 and $2,500.

Tandem Trikes

If you are looking to ride primarily with your spouse or another partner, you may want to get a tandem tricycle that comes with two seats (front and back), The tadpole tandem trike have typically been over $5,000 until Terratrike introduced the Tandem Rover under $2k in 2011.

Folding Trikes

If you have a small car or limited transportation space you may want to check into a folding trike. The GT1 by Greenspeed is around $1,995 and is known  for quality and performance.

Electric Trikes

If you need a boost from time to time, electric tricycles are hybrids that have pedals and an electric motor, so you can exercise when you want or you can sit back and let the trike do the work.

If you are in Northern California, Sacramento or San Francisco you can test ride the most popular trikes at Laid Back Cycles. They are the only recumbent trike specialty shop that offers TerraTrike, Greenspeed, KMX, Trident and Sun adult tricycles.

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