Benefits Of Owning A Recumbent Trike

The benefits of using a recumbent trike are endless. Baby boomers suffering from physical ailments, riders looking for a new hobby or speed junkies who just want to go faster all gravitate toward the burgeoning market of recumbent vehicles.

Benefits of owning recumbent trikes

Perfect for zooming down mountain roads, traveling across paved trails, racing against other enthusiasts or just zipping around town, recumbent vehicles are built for speed and comfort. 

Tired joints and restless knees can experience all of the perks of riding – and then some – without any of the painful aftermath. Recumbent bicycles and tricycles are a perfect remedy for avid riders who have neck and back injuries or other ailments that make riding an upright bicycle difficult.

The ergonomic features of a recumbent tricycle offer all of the comfort of a recumbent bicycle on three wheels instead of two. The laid back position of a rider helps to evenly distribute weight, relieving target areas of common discomfort associated with riding a traditional bicycle. Additionally, this laid back position creates an aerodynamic line that increases speed without risking safety while the tricycle’s third wheel offers stability and ease of use.

For those who crave speed, a recumbent ride reduces wind resistance allowing riders to go faster than ever before. In fact, the advanced speed led to the banning of recumbent trikes by Union Cycliste Internationale in 1934.

Trikes offer a convenient, environmentally friendly alternative to driving around town in a standard four-wheel vehicle. Save on gas and get a workout by taking your trike to the grocery store, the movie theater or out to lunch. Cargo add-ons are available to make lugging groceries and other goods easier, while various clips and hooks make storing and toting your recumbent vehicle simple.

Learn more about recumbent tricycles by stopping in to Laid Back Cycles at 3808 Auburn Blvd., Suite 54, Sacramento, CA 95821. Experienced sales associates can help you choose the right trike for you and answer questions about the wide selection of recumbent trikes on the market today.

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