TerraTrike Traveler – A Portable Recumbent Trike For Travelers

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TerraTrike Traveler – A Portable Recumbent Trike for Travelers

Introducing TerraTrike Traveler Recumbent Trike

TerraTrike Traveler is one of the newest portable recumbent trikes introduced in the market. This new recumbent trike has had instant popularity and is even being called a “Game-Changer” in the recumbent industry. So you must be thinking: “What makes this recumbent trike so awesome?” The answer is simple – IT FOLDS! Yes the TerraTrike Traveler is designed to be compact and portable, quite handy for travelers who want to carry the trike with them on their fun trips. 

Carry Your Recumbent Wherever You Travel

Neither any large vehicle nor any special car rack is required to carry this folding recumbent trike along with you during transportation. Within a minute or two you can have the Terratrike folded up and ready to pack in the backseat, or in the trunk of your car. When you arrive at your cycling destination, you can easily unpack your recumbent trike and unfold it to enjoy the excitement of riding your favorite recumbent trike.

Take a look at our TerraTrike Traveler folding trike video to watch a demo on how easily Traveler recumbent trike folds.

TerraTrike Traveler Trike Folding Demo Video

TerraTrike Traveler Trike Comes With Great Features

Apart from being a simple trike design, which is easy to fold in minutes, this Traveler folding recumbent trike also features a super strong carbon steel frame, a small and easy to handle package, direct steering and a new swept forward outrigger design, just to name a few!

Accessories For TerraTrike Traveler Recumbent

Lots of great accessories are also available in the market; a perfect fit for this folding trike purchased by some adventurous trike riders. As an example, the Soft Case is a great option for additional protection and carrying ease.

To gain some extra storage space, we offer an easy to attach TerraTrike Traveler Rack. Watch the TerraTrike Traveler Rack install video:


TerraTrike Traveler – Best Recumbent For Travelers

Simply put, the TerraTrike Traveler Trike is the best solution for all those fun and adventurous riders who want to save space without sacrificing their riding style, performance or comfort with their recumbent trikes.

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