NEW Electric Recumbent Trike Motor – LBC Electric Review

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James the lead tech reviewed the New Electric Recumbent Trike motor kit from Laid Back Cycles. The NEW LBC350 fits on Catrike, Terratrike, Greenspeed, HP and ICE. We do custom install of the LBC350 trike motor on any trike we sale at Laid Back Cycles. Also, if you have a trike that needs a motor we can install it on approved models. Call 916-619-5116 or see store for details.

Plus we can ship a trike with the LBC350 electric assist motor set up and ready to ride Nation-Wide!

The LBC350

Our latest motor the LBC350 works with a rack mount or you can use one of our custom battery mounts which places it with a little center of gravity right behind the seat and out of the way.

If you like to put a storage rack on top of the trike there’s a lot of space for that too. It come with a display that is very big with numbers that are easily readable and a backlight for twilight times and at night time.

There are up to five assist levels although most people are comfortable at level one. The 350 watts is enough to pull you up just about any hill with moderate to light pedaling.  The hub on the LBC 350 is a small compact unit which makes very little noise so they won’t hear you come whizzing by.


The LBC350 is a class 2 motorized bicycle in the state of California, what that means is any motorized bicycle that doesn’t exceed 20 miles an hour is legally a bicycle everywhere in California. That means you can ride it on the bike trails or on the bicycle greenways as long as there are no posted signs that say you can’t.

Our latest motor the LBC 350 allows anyone to ride longer, get a better workout, and conquer those hills that have been a problem. Laid Back Cycles gives you the freedom to ride… see you on the trails!


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