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New Trike Trails For Recumbent Riders In Sacramento

New Trike Trails for Sacramento Recumbent Riders

Riding your recumbents over the same trails again and again can get boring, right? If you are an active recumbent trike rider, you must be always looking around for new trike trails to explore and enjoy the freedom to ride with your recumbent trike.

At Laid Back Cycles, Sacramento, we are always doing our own research to help and assist recumbent trike lovers. Our Recumbent Trike Team discovered and analyzed some great biking trails located around Fair Oaks, Sacramento, California. We have segregated these trike trails in two categories: one for trike riders looking for shorter trails, while some others for riders looking around for longer trike trails. 

Short Recumbent Trike Trails Near Sacramento

Laguna Creek Parkway Trail Sacramento

1. Laguna Creek Parkway In Sacramento

You will encounter a mix of dirt and paved trails as you ride your recumbent along the Laguna and Elk Grove Creeks. Nature lovers are sure to love spending time on the different segments of this trike trail. The length of the longest unbroken section on this trike trail is around 2.25 miles long.

You will enjoy lots of unique vegetation (barley, wild oats, wild radish, soft chess, ripgut brome, clover and wild mustard) growing along the trike trail and many different small mammals (pocket gopher, meadow vole and black-tailed jackrabbit) living in the area.

Sacramento River Parkway Trail

2. Sacramento River Parkway Trail

Along this 4 mile asphalt biking trail, you will travel through Old Sacramento, where you can take insights of the old rail yards before stopping to grab a drink or bite to eat. From here the trike tail ends and picks up again over the next few miles.

The Sacramento River Parkway Trail begins from the Jiboom Street Bridge in Tiscornia Park, although starting from the Discovery Park is also a good alternative. Parking and restrooms are available here. You can even connect to the American River Bike Trail from this point. It is also the confluence of American and Sacramento rivers. You can even enjoy some great views of the river, and blackberry bushes along the trike trail. Lots of small wildlife is also a big attraction to nature lovers.

Folsom South Canal recumbent trail in Sacramento

3. Folsom South Canal In Sacramento

Want to enjoy 14 miles of asphalt bike trails with beautiful scenery?

While parts of this recumbent trail do intersect with some high traffic intersections, you will be able to take in the view of the canal for most of your journey. Folsom South Canal trail is good for recumbent riders riding from southeast Sacramento County towards the American River Bike Trail.

The length of Folsom South Canal Trail trail is around 14 miles and it goes from Nimbus Dam to Sloughhouse Road. The trike trail is exposed with little shade in the summer so be prepared with plenty of water and extra sun protection.

Bannon Creek Parkway Trike Trail in California

4. Bannon Creek Parkway In California

This popular asphalt trike trail in Sacramento is 1.3 miles long. If interested, you can even access the American River Parkway from here to make your recumbent trike trip longer.

This recumbent trike trail is stretched from Jefferson School Park to Bannon Creek Parkway and you enjoy a natural greenbelt all along the trail.

We also have a good news for pet lovers. Bannon Creek Park has even a dog park, so feel free to bring your furry friends along with you to enjoy your fun ride more!

Long Trike Trails For Sacramento Recumbent Riders

The American River Bike Trail Sacramento

1. The American River Bike Trail In Sacramento

The American River Bike Trail, also known as the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, runs for 32 miles between Discovery Park in Old Sacramento and Beal’s Point at Folsom Lake’s southern banks.

The two-lane trike trail is completely paved and offers a level, shaded riding experience. Along the route you will also encounter numerous places to stop and eat, rest or enjoy the scenery.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the trail as you ride through the suburban enclaves of Sacramento. Several parks and swimming areas are also on the way.

Mile markers, trailside maps, water fountains, restrooms and telephones are also located throughout this trike trail.

El Dorado Trail California

2. El Dorado Trail In California

This great trike trail stretches for more than 35 miles and consists of area of asphalt, gravel and dirt.

El Dorado trike Trail follows two former rail lines, a small section of which is still in use today. Throughout your recumbent journey on this trike trail, you will find that you can easily access the downtown area in Placerville.

You can also enjoy the historical buildings, continue on to Weber Creek trestle, make a pit stop in Shingle Springs for a quick picnic or bathroom break. You can head a little further out to take in the views of “The Wild West”, where goats and cattle are roaming along this beautiful trike trail.

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