Take A Recumbent Test Ride Before You Purchase Trikes

Looking For A New Ride To Hit The Road!

Selecting the right trike or bicycle is just as hard nowadays as picking a new car! If you’ve ever gone to Google and typed in “Bicycles” or “Recumbent Trikes” you will be overwhelmed at all the different trike brands and models available out there. you can purchase trikes, but which one you don’t know.

Don’t let the number of options and the varied choices of recumbent trikes overwhelm you!


Visit us for Recumbent Test Ride in Sacramento

Recumbent Trike Or Regular Bicycle! Unsure?

If you are planing to buy a recumbent trike over a regular bicycle, or even if you are unsure whether a trike would be best fit for you, make sure to stop into our Sacramento location and take a recumbent test ride.

Our recumbent trike store is located at 3808 Auburn Blvd., Suite 54, Sacramento, CA 95821, and we are proud to serve the increasing demand of recumbent trikes in Sacramento, Bay Area and other Northern California locations.

At our recumbent shop, you get an opportunity to see a wide collection of recumbent trikes (different brands, makes and models) from all the premiere trike manufacturers in our trike shop. Not only see, but you can also take a test ride to experience the fun of trike riding before buying one.

Recumbent Trikes Are Great For Everyone

Whenever you visit our recumbent trike store, we will pair you with one of our recumbent trike experts. He will work with you one-on-one to help you find the perfect recumbent trike for your riding needs.

Our trike experts will also review any health problems or special needs which you might have to ensure that they are showing you the best available options to best fit your personal situation.

Recumbent Trikes are also great for people with weak legs, back problems and even for those who have knee/hip replacements done; so don’t be afraid to share your pain points with us!

We will surely help you enjoy the Freedom to Ride.

Customize Your Trike According to Your Needs

Purchase Trikes, Which Are Comfortable For You

Every trike is unique as is the every trike rider and that is why we at Laid Back Cycles believe in helping you find the best trike that suits your personality.

Once we have a good idea on what recumbent trike models might be best for your cycling needs, we will get you on the trikes and riding around. We want you to purchase a recumbent trike that will be the most comfortable for you.

After you’ve had a chance to try out some different cycles you might be ready to make a trike purchase, and if you’re not that’s quite ok too!

Customize Your Trike According To Your Needs

If you’ve found the trike that you know was meant to be yours we will start the ordering process!

Our trike buying process is always a lot of fun for customers. We work with you to make any customizations to your trike that you might want or need.

This can be anything from selecting a custom color, adding on accessories, or making adjustments to better fit your height or weight.

Customizing the trikes to meet our customers’ requirements is our priority, rather than simply selling a trike. Our team believes in personalizing the recumbent of your choice according to your needs.

Visit For Test Ride And Experience The Freedom To Ride

In no time at all, your recumbent trike will be ready for pick-up or delivery, as per your preference!

Believe us, you will be out on the trails enjoying the freedom to ride before you know it!

If you are new and confused about which trails to traverse, we have listed some new trike trails for recumbent riders in Sacramento.

Don’t delay, stop into our shop for your recumbent test ride today. We promise that you will love our wide selection of TerraTrike, Catrike, Greenspeed, KMX and electric trike models! Your Freedom to Ride is not far anymore.

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