How To Keep Yourself Safe While Riding Your Recumbent Trike!

Road Safety Tips for Recumbent Trike Riders

Safety Tips For Recumbent Trike Riders

Applying common sense and reacting to the given situation rationally could help you keep yourself and people around you safe. In fact, it is the most important safety tip to be followed by all the recumbent trike riders. In general, follow all the traffic rules and be vigilant of the street traffic. Lives are precious, whether it is yours or it is the person in front of you.

You might be shocked to know that around 19,000 cyclists are injured or killed in the United States every year, although it doesn’t means that trike riding is a risky affair. Statistics show that around 80 percent of these accidents take place even during daylight hours and the majority of these accidents involve adult recumbent trike riders.


Let us have a look at some of the most important safety tips to turn your trike riding experience not only as adventurous and exciting, but completely safe as well. As a result of these startling statistics we have some trike riding safety tips and suggestions to help keep you and your loved ones safe while enjoying your recumbent trike rides.


Stay On Bike Paths & Lanes While Riding Your Trike

Drive Your Recumbents in Bike Lanes Only

Taking your trike to a park or open area with designated bike paths is highly advisable. You can enjoy your ride without worrying about any motor vehicle. According to police reports, most common cycling accidents happen because of getting hit by the vehicle front. It is primarily because of the driver or rider failing to look properly at junctions.

While riding on road is sometimes unavoidable, please make sure to keep your recumbent trike in the biking lane at all times and use extra caution while crossing intersections. Here is a great reminder from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about riding on the streets.

“Bicyclists are considered vehicle operators; they are required to obey the same rules of the road as other vehicle operators, including obeying traffic signs, signals, and lane markings. When cycling in the street, cyclists must ride in the same direction as traffic”.


Always Wear A Helmet During Your Recumbent Trike Rides

Wear a Helmet During Your Recumbent Trike Rides

Wearing a helmet while riding bicycles or recumbents is a law in California.

The fine imposed on you might be minimal when you get caught without wearing one, but it isn’t worth taking the chance with your life.

If you got stuck by a vehicle while riding your recumbent trike on streets, your helmet could be what saves your life.


Use Lights While Driving Your Recumbent At Night

Use Lights While Driving Your Recumbent at Night

Even though the majority of cycling accidents occur in the daytime, it is still important to keep yourself safe while riding at night as well.

It is highly advisable to fit some lighting accessories at front/back of your recumbent trike. It is quite affordable to purchase and install it easily. Some lighting options even flash to make it easier for motorists to notice you easily in dark streets.

You may like to have a look at some of our stock recumbent lighting options.


Trike Safety Flags Draw Attention Of Other Drivers On Street

Trike Safety Flags Draw Attention of Other Drivers on Street

Recumbent trike flags are not only great for safety, but they also look quite stylish as well.

You can find recumbent trike flags in numerous different styles and colors to fit your personality. You can even buy a bright orange safety flag with streamers. It is quite similar to the one we carry in our recumbent trike online store.

A bright flag flying high above your trike can easily pull the attention of others driving on the street. It will act as a warning for them to slow down around you.

To know more about other recumbent trike safety products for your recumbent trikes, have a look at our recumbents shop in Sacramento. You can even visit our Sacramento location.  Talk to one of our experienced trike team members to understand the best ways behind making your recumbent trike riding experience completely safe and secure.

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