Celebrating National Bike Month May 2015 – Health Benefits Of Cycling

Celebrating National Bike Month

Here At Laid Back Cycles, We Are Excited That May Is National Bike Month!

Being National Bike Month, we think it is the perfect time to discuss some of the health benefits of riding bikes and trikes. Especially since many of us are trying to get into better shape for the summer.

Health Benefits Of Cycling Recumbent

Riding recumbent trikes is not only environmental friendly, it is also great exercise; providing both cardio and muscular exercises. And unlike other forms of exercises, which can be repetitive and boring, riding a recumbent trike can be much more exciting. Riding a recumbent trike gives you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and explore the beauty of nature.

Unlike running on a treadmill, or lifting weights in a gym, riding allows you to focus on your lower body strength, targeting your quads and other leg muscles, without the harsh joint impact. Specifically, riding a recumbent trike can actually provide back support that a traditional bicycle does not, while still providing the same cardio and muscular benefits!

Cycling also Provides Numerous Other Health Benefits:

  1. Cycling can help strengthen your heart and help decrease the risk of common heart diseases.
  2. Cycling can increase your mental health, coordination, and mental awareness.
  3. Cycling can help boost your immune system and fight off more illnesses.
  4. Cycling will increase your stamina.
  5. Cycling helps increase lung capacity which will help you breathe in more oxygen.
  6. Cycling can help you reduce stress and relax muscles.

National Bike Month 2015 Giveaway LBC Sacramento

So, in the spirit of National Bike Month we’re challenging all readers to dust off your bike or Recumbent Trike and replace some of your normal workout routine with more biking. And if you’re just starting to exercise, or just getting back into exercising after winter hibernation, riding bikes and trikes can be the perfect way to get started working out.

Replacing Normal Routines With Cycling Trikes

Even if you don’t exercise, we’d like you to think of ways that you could replace your normal routine with cycling. Maybe you can ride your bike or trike to work, or ride to visit your friend, or instead of walking you could ride the neighborhood.

Replacing some of your normal routines with cycling will actually help you to get more exercise and might help you discover some new and interesting things along your path.

Special Giveaway On National Bike Month From Laid Back Cycles

In Celebration of National Bike Month, Laid Back Cycles will be running a special giveaway on Facebook. Be sure to “Like” Laid Back Cycles Facebook page for information on how you can enter to win some free Laid Back Cycles gear. Also be sure to share some of your photos and videos on our Facebook page and check back with us throughout the month for other great information and the announcement of contest winners!

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