Why Get an Electric Assist Trike in 2022?

Why Get an Electric Assist Trike in 2022?

Why Get an Electric Assist Trike in 2022?


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Laid-Back Mickey here and today we are going over why you should get an electric trike, let's check it out. About eight years ago I started having different people say, “I can't get up this hill” or “I can't go this far because my leg gives out” or “I just get overly tired.” So, we started to do hub drive motor systems back then. I noticed when other people noticed that their friend had an electric assist motor, they then wanted one for themselves. Now I remember saying “I don't need one” and “I have plenty of power in my legs” or “I’m good, I just have a bad back.” And so, I didn't think I really needed one. Next thing you know is each year we keep on selling more and more trikes. This happened because people’s friends would try out their friends’ power assist trike. Or because they would come in here and they ask if we have something that will help them go a little faster or a little farther. And so, we kept on installing them and we were doing mostly hub drives at the time.

As of recently, maybe the last four years, manufacturers started to go “We're hearing that people want power assist on their trikes.” And it's been growing in the bike industry. About five years ago, I got my daughter into electric assist trikes. With an electric assist trike, she could go twenty miles in distance, and without it she could go about two miles in distance. She has some strength challenges that prohibit her from going long distances on her own. But with the power assist, she can crank up the assist according to how far she wants to go. About three and a half years ago my knee and my foot were hurting from years of downhill mogul skiing. I started to notice that I was riding a little slower and I was not going as far on each ride as before. I thought “I’m going to try out the motor system.” So, I got a motor system on my trike, it was a hub drive at the time, and I went back to normal. I went back to my normal length of riding and my normal speed because I could bump up the level amount. It changed my life and it helped me to ride more.

The next thing is that manufacturers started to come out about three to four years ago with mid drives and that changed the whole market. That changed everything. I ended up buying a Catrike with a Bosch motor on it and it was smooth; it felt like a regular bike. It didn't feel jerky, it felt like you're riding a regular bike. Until you turn the power off and then you're like “Oh wow, I was actually getting a little bit of help on that.” Today in the trike market, about 70 percent of trikes are sold with motors. Because you can come here, and you can try out the trikes with or without the motor. Usually, you will start without the motor and you're like, “Oh yeah, this is great, I love it.” And then we say “Hey, do you want to try one with the motor?” And then you say “Sure!” Then you go out there and you realize that the motor makes it easier to go
to more places. Most people tend to sell themselves on the motor. I know I was kind of reluctant to it at first, thinking like a lot of people like it's cheating or something like that. But it really does help you get better exercise, which is counter intuitive because now you can go farther. Electric motors are awesome, people love them, and the best way for you to figure that out for yourself is to try one out.

So, go to your local dealer or if you're near Laid-Back Cycles go to laid-back cycles. If you just have questions you can call up one of our Laid-Back experts and they'll help you over the phone and help you determine which trike would be a good one for you. Maybe you already have an older Catrike and you want to add on a motor system or older TerraTrike and you want to add on a motor system. They make retro fit kits. So that's why people choose electric assist on the recumbent trikes, because they're pretty awesome and they help you go further, faster, and conquer more terrain.

I hope you enjoyed this video, and we'll see on the next one. Laid-Back Mickey here, thanks for watching the video. If you like the video go ahead and like it below and if you want to see more videos, please subscribe. If you have any comments or questions, go ahead and put those below and we will be sure to answer them. And we'll see you on the next video.

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