Catrike eCAT Pocket

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Bigger isn’t always better, at least when we talk about recumbent trikes. When it comes to the Catrike Pocket, a small frame doesn’t mean small features. 
Brand: featured healthcare practitioner brand
Bigger isn’t always better, at least when we talk about recumbent trikes. When it comes to the Catrike Pocket, a small frame doesn’t mean small features. 
BOSCH Active Line Plus Motor provides a maximum torque of 50 Nm with 270% assistance up to 20 mph and 105 cadence.
The Bosch 400 Wh battery pack has a maximum range of 62 miles.
The Purion display focuses on the essentials and is easy to read in sunlight.

Frame & Geometry
Wheel Base: 35 in
Wheel Track: 27.5 in
Total Width: 31 in
Total Length*: 68 in
Seat Angle: 41 degrees
Weight*: 33 lb
Seat Height: 9 in
Seat Width: 14 in
BB Height*: 15 in
Ground Clearance: 4 in
Total Height: 25 in
Turning Circle: 16 ft
Turning Radius: 8 ft
Rider Weight Limit: 225 lb
Rider X-Seam Range: 36-43 in
At the heart of the eCAT line is the latest in electric-assist systems from industry leader Bosch. The result is a Catrike with the perfect combination of maximum efficiency, comfort, and riding enjoyment. The efficient and versatile Active Line Plus electric-assist drive mated to a 1 x 11 drivetrain (11 - 42 cassette / 44 tooth chainring) provides dynamic performance – guaranteeing an authentic riding sensation with minimal pedaling resistance. It delivers active and sporty acceleration even at low cadences, offering powerful assistance as soon as you step on the pedals. In addition, the system’s multi-sensor technology and fast information processing ensure optimum interaction between you and your eCAT.

The Pocket is a compact space frame that offers all the features of the Expedition and 700 models. It is easy to maneuver while being manageable to transport with a smaller width and footprint creating a very efficient spirited ride. And like all other Catrikes, it comes equipped with a chainguard for safety along with a flag and flag holder for increased visibility. The Pocket gives you all the performance of a Catrike in a scaled-down package. The perfect ride for smaller riders.

Standard Features
Rear Fender
Flag Mount & Flag
Mirrycle Rear View Mirror
Multi-Purpose Clipless Pedals
Computer Sensor Mount
No Brake Steer
Self Centering
Ackermann Steering Compensation
Structural Front Boom
Quick-Release Indexing Boom Clamp
Aluminum Rod Ends
Low Friction PTFE Flared Chain Tube
Trikes can be delivered throughout California. Accessories can be shipped nationwide.

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