Terratrike Headrest


Terratrike Headrest

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The Terratrike Headrest gives you that extra comfort you want when riding for awhile. Its great when riding up a long hill and you want to rest your head so you don’t get sore neck muscles.

This amazingly adaptable head rest is compatible with all trikes we currently sell and will not interfere with the fenders, seat bag, commuter bag, rear rack, or panniers.

It attaches easily by clamping to the ribs on the back of the seat frame. You can easily mount the headrest with 2 Allen wrenches (Included). When you purchase a trike from LBC we install the accessories for you, even when we Drop Ship.

The neck rest is amazingly comfortable with a helmet on. It can be 100% custom fit to any size rider with ease and installing it was a breeze.

Compatible with all Terratrikes.

1 review for Terratrike Headrest

  1. Rover Rider

    comfy and supportive
    Reviewer: Rover Rider
    I have degenerated disks in my neck and lower back. When the seat on my Rover is fully reclined, I was feeling a little pressure and strain trying to hold my head level. I purchased the head rest and am surely happy with it. Installation was straightforward. The unit, although expensive, is very well made indeed. It is rock solid. There are four different pivot points which provide for accurate adjustment. Now I sit in the Rover, fully reclined, and my neck is fully supported by the headrest. No pressure or strain trying to hold my neck aright. Thanks, Terra Trike, for another superb accessory.

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