Catrike Dumont – A Synonym To Full Suspension Recumbent Trike Design

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Catrike Dumont - Synonym to Perfect Full Suspension Recumbent Trike Design

When Catrike Dumont starts shipping?

When Will The Delivery Of Catrike Dumont Start?

Catrike Dumont is the much awaited upcoming new recumbent trike model designed with full suspension. You can call it a design perfection, manufacture perfection, technology perfection or even an artistic perfection.

Catrike Dumont Release Date

Dumont is still under production and we are expecting its shipping to start on October 1. 2016. Catrike Dumont is still a concept under process, as conceived by trike riders, who are eagerly waiting to ride it on the streets.

Why Catrike Dumont Production Schedule is Delayed?
Dumont is using many innovative technologies

Why Catrike Dumont Production Is Getting Delayed?

Innumerable reasons could be attributed behind the delay in producing Dumont before trike riders can get their hands (feet as well) on this full suspension recumbent trike. According to an official update released by Catrike, following reasons could be attributed to the delay behind manufacturing this expected piece of perfection.

  • Catrike Dumont geometry is different from all other existing Catrike models.
  • All the component prototypes and fixture tooling are designed as well as manufactured in house.
  • A rigorous testing procedure and FEA simulations of the frame and both suspensions are enforcing it to redesign again and again to achieve the perfect recumbent trike on roads.
  • Catrike Dumont is using Cellasto, a new material used to design suspension. Many experimental tests are performed to understand the material so that an optimal recumbent design is evolved.
  • Dumont employs many new technologies, due to which all the fixtures are inspected with a new Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) to achieve high design precision.
  • Some logistics and supply chain limitations have been faced in past to incorporate not only the new technologies, but new also the new innovative designs.

What Makes Catrike Dumont Superior To Other Trike Models?

Dumont looks like an ambitious trike design project of Catrike. It is expected to be a fine merger of creativity, design, technology, comfort, handling, portability, storage and many more. Catrike Dumont is still a design under construction, an idea still evolving inside the womb of its trike designers.

It is really difficult to scale it on a comparison chart with other trike models at this instant of time, but according to the official release of Catrike, following points are noteworthy.

What is best about Catrike Dumont recumbent trike?
Full suspension recumbent trike easily foldable
  • New design and innovative techniques employed in front suspension design of Catrike Dumont is expected to deliver a dynamic ride experience.
  • Anti-roll and anti-dive behavior comes without putting a torsional bar between its front ends. This kind of suspension technology is used in some BMW motorcycles.
  • The swing arm design and oversized hollow alloy axle on Dumont’s rear transfers the complete pedal power to rear wheel with full efficiency.
  • Front as well as rear suspensions are redesigned to increase lateral stiffness upto 53{1603412a7d9e235bc2262b7f3ef07f27b0f0da4c7a911810d5b09776c009474c}.
  • Advanced suspension system reduces NVH (noise vibration harshness), improves shock absorption and damping qualities.
  • A new material Cellasto® is used in Dumont’s manufacturing. It is a MPU (Microcellular Polyurethane Elastomer), developed by BASF Polyurethanes North America and supplied to automotive industry. This material is considered much superior to the rubber elastomers used in most of the trike design.
  • Catrike Dumont will also have an adjustable recline based premium padded seat.
  • It will also have big 26 inch rear wheels.
  • Dumont will also support computer sensor mount, clipless pedals, chain guard, mirror and its mount, hand rest, SRAM components, flag and its holder, peace boom, Schwalbe tires and all other standard trike accessories.

What Is The Expected Price Of Catrike Dumont?

Price of Catrike Dumont in Sacramento

Many promises and great expectations behind the design of Catrike Dumont is making us waiting eagerly for its delivery to start in October 2016.

Dumont will be available in its signature color Purple, as stated in its official release notification. Price is yet not disclosed, but the market is gambling its price to be more than other existing models.

Although, how far will it go on the higher end will get disclosed only after its official price release made by Catrike with its launch.

We at Laid Back Cycles, Sacramento anticipate the price of Catrike Dumont to be placed somewhere around $4000.

Catrike Dumont is coming soon in Sacramento

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