Terratrike Rambler All Terrain

Terratrike Rambler ALL Terrain three wheeled cycle
Rambler AT is best for off-road trikind adventures

Terratrike Rambler All Terrain Unveiled

Terratrike Rambler All Terrain is the talk of the town, especially among adventure trike riders for off-road triking. If you are a trike rider, who wants to get off the beaten road, then be assured, Rambler All Terrain is manufactured just for you. It is the latest model unveiled this month by Terratrike, the largest producer of recumbent trikes in the US. The best part about this recumbent is its high versatility.

Rambler AT Best For Off Roading

Rambler AT rocks on the road as well as off the road. First of all, you only need to pump up some pressure in its tires. Finally, you can cruise your bike on any path, whether its on-road or off-road. Although, if you really want to enjoy the essence of Rambler AT, take it off road. You can easily create a passive suspension system by releasing some air out of its tires. You won’t need to add any extra shock absorber to that comfort, its just about maintaining the right pressure in tires.

What Is The Price Of Rambler All Terrain?

Rambler All Terrain is based on the standard Rambler, but has been much enhanced over it. With the increasing popularity of recumbent trikes, the trike riders had been quite demanding about the enhanced features. Recumbent trikes which could do well not only on pavement but also beyond it to perform well on off-roading was highly demanding. The only problem was the expensive pricing, which Rambler AT is breaking now. You can buy this off road trike at an affordable justified price tag of only $2399.

TerraTrike Rambler AT Specifications

The Rambler AT comes equipped with 24” Schwalbe Smart Sam tires to support high clearance and traction. Engineers at Terratrike have used x20 component level mountain drive train to build the trike. It features a 22-36T double chainring crankset, microSHIFT CS-H100 11-40 cassette, microSHIFT XLE Double as front deraileur and microSHIFT XCD 10 Sp as back deraileur. Avid BB7 brakes comes as an upgradation to the standard Rambler to support a good off road braking system.

Rambler AT is a non-expensive off-road trike
Rambler All Terrain available at LBC Sacramento

Features Of Rambler All Terrain

Its new fixed seat design comes as a great comfort to all those Rambler riders who have always wanted to ride sitting in a firm position to enjoy a rigid and stable seat riding experience, which increases its efficiency levels. This innovative off-road trike is equipped with oversized studded heel strap pedals. As a result, it enhances an extra grip both for climbing up as well as descending down steep hills.

Rambler AT Rocks

Most noteworthy, Rambler AT is designed with heavy duty Chro-moly steel frame and wide double wall rims and supports a maximum of 300 pounds of riders weight. Terratrike Rambler AT looks quite attractive with a new sparkle green paint embroidered beautifully with orange shining paint.

Watch This Terratrike Rambler All Terrain Video

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