Youth Trikes – For Adventerous Kids To Have Exciting Fun Outdoors

Recumbent Trikes for Kids – Outdoor Fun Activities

Recumbent Trikes For Kids – Gateway To Outdoor Fun Activities

Today, most of the children’s outdoor fun activities are retiring to the backseat as most of them prefer to get engaged in unhealthy indoor activities as compared to the many adventurous and exciting outdoor fun activities. Recumbent trikes for kids is the right gateway to help them get involved in outdoor activities. No doubts, technology has changed drastically in the last 10 years alone and there are countless advances that technology had provided. It includes advances in the medical and communication industries to name a few. But advances in technology can also have some not so positive effects, especially on our children.

Unhealthy Indoor Activities On Gadgets Or Healthy Outdoor Activities On Playgrounds?

Youth Trikes

Kids spent their time playing outdoors before the advent of some of the latest technological advances such as XBOX, Playstation, Facebook, iPhones, and tablets. Riding bikes, running around the playground, playing sports like basketball, baseball are only some of the many fun outdoor activities to name.

On the contrary, now-a-days an increasing number of kids are wasting their healthy playtime in front of TV and mobile screens, rather than engaging themselves in some healthy outdoor activities.

Have Your Children Lost Interest In Outdoor Playtime!

Many people argue that it is the direct result of many advances made in the technological field. Even some research studies claim that children have lost interest with the outdoors, and technology is sparking more of their interests to keep them engaged for longer periods of time.

How Unhealthy Are Children Without Physical Outdoor Activities?

How to Motivate Children for Outdoor Play Activities?

Unfortunately, it is a matter of grave concern for all of us. It comes with many negative side effects, particularly to our children’s health.

In today’s generation of children, 31.8{1603412a7d9e235bc2262b7f3ef07f27b0f0da4c7a911810d5b09776c009474c} of children and adolescences are overweight, according to the Food Research and Action Center.

Compare this childhood obesity facts to the 7{1603412a7d9e235bc2262b7f3ef07f27b0f0da4c7a911810d5b09776c009474c} obesity rate in 1980 and you can see a dangerous trend.

How To Motivate Children For Outdoor Play Activities?

So how can you pull your children away from these idiot screens and motivate them to become more active, and thus healthier? A Youth Trike is the perfect way to help spark your children’s interest with an outdoor activity to provide hours of fun as well as an engaging activity.

Recumbent Trikes For Children Are Safe And Exciting

KMX K3 Recumbent Trike Designed for Children

Unlike typical two-wheel bicycles, a trike has three wheels, making it easier and safer for your children to ride.

A trike also has a much more comfortable seat, including a backrest, which makes riding highly enjoyable for longer duration of time.

KMX K3 Recumbent Trike Is Particularly Designed For Children

The KMX K3 is the perfect introduction to the world of recumbent trikes, and as a youth trike it comes with many exciting and impressive features.

The KMX K3 comes with a unique 2-speed shifting system that eliminates the normal maintenance of a multi-speed shifting system. Plus the KMX K3 youth trike was built with children’s safety in mind, including bash guards on the chain and sprocket to prevent injury.

KMX K3 Youth Trike's features

Prominent Features Of KMX K3 Youth Trike

  • Quality construction.
  • Very simple and quick assembly.
  • Very robust and low maintenance.
  • Automatic self-adjusting chain tube System.
  • Low center of gravity and excellent handling.
  • KMX bucket seat providing great support and comfort.
  • 7.5” of fast easy seat adjustment via quick release clamps and 60mm (2.5”) of sliding boom adjustment.

KMX K3 Youth Trike – Best Recumbent Trike for Kids

KMX K3 Youth Trike – Best Recumbent Trike For Kids

The KMX K3 Youth Trike is an affordable way to help pull your children away from the clutches of technology, and provide them a fun, exciting physical activity to enjoy the great outdoors once again.

Check out our Facebook page for pictures of kids having a blast riding youth trikes, and be sure to visit our Recumbents site for more information on the KMX K3 Youth Trike. Remember to check out our Adult Recumbent Trikes Collection as well so you can also spend some quality time triking with your children or grandchildren!

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