Terratrike Rambler All Terrain


Rambler All Terrain

The Terratrike Rambler All Terrain is rugged enough to take you off the beaten path. No longer you remain limited to paved bicycle paths or roads. It brings an entire new world of possibilities where the pavement ends.

You can now ride to your favorite camping site or beach with almost the same effort which is required to ride to your nearest coffee shop. Two track dirt roads and hiking trails become as easy to access as your driveway. Gravel paths and secluded vistas which were once only obtainable by foot are now easily accessible.

Load up the Rambler All Terrain with any of the offered packs and you will discover that you can ride just about anywhere. With the All Terrain, no destination is off limits. The only decision now is where will your next adventure take you?

We ship fully assembled TerraTrike’s in the US.

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