Safety of Recumbent Bicycles and Tricycles

One of the main draws of recumbent bicycles and tricycles is their safety features. With a low center of mass and short distance to the ground, the risk of serious injury during a fall is greatly reduced – especially concussion and non-concussion head injuries. Additionally, the feet-first set-up of a tricycle allows the recumbent rider to avoid being thrown over the handlebars during a crash. However, there are more steps riders can take to ensure safety during treks.

A parking bike strap offers more safety while training on an indoor device, while taillights, extension flags and Compass Bells help riders avoid collisions with other vehicles on the road. Keeping extra equipment and tools on hand will also greatly reduce risks. Carrying a C02 pump to inflate flat wheels and Slime Tube Sealant for punctured tires can keep riders on the road until they can get to a destination where a full repair can be made. Check out a full list of safety items offered through Laid Back Cycles Online Store.