Accessibility Accessories for Recumbent Trikes

Accessibility Accessories for Recumbent Trikes

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Making Your Recumbent Trike More Accessible

Recumbent trikes have opened up a world of activity for people of all levels of fitness and ability. If you are finding getting out on your recumbent trike is becoming more difficult, there are plenty of accessibility accessories that can help adapt your trike to your changing needs. Here we look at some of the most innovative accessibility accessories to transform your trike into a more accessible recumbent trike.

Recumbent Trike Trainer

If it has become too much work to lift your trike into your car or from its storage area to enjoy your daily ride, a recumbent trike trainer could help. Although you won’t be able to get outdoors, the OverDrive trike trainer allows you to get in some much-needed exercise to help you stay fit. Because it can adapt to your ideal pace, you can choose to keep it in its original position for more resistance and speed or turn it around for low to moderate resistance. 

ARC Technology adjusts resistance when you change speed automatically. The trainer allows you to get the same feeling you love when riding on your favorite trails and maintain your fitness level. When you’re missing your rides outside, you can place your trike trainer and recumbent on your balcony, patio or deck.  

sportscrafters roller trainer

Handy Bars

Is it becoming difficult to enter and exit your trike? No worries. VersaBars offer an affordable, simple solution to help you maneuver more easily. The bars clamp to TerraTrike direct steering model handlebars which you then adjust to suit your needs. You can feel safer holding onto the bars as you lower or lift yourself from the seat. You also don’t have to bend as low. As a bonus, they also work with other accessories. You can keep your water bottle or phone within reach or attach a VersaBag to store your wallet or snacks. 

You can also consider TerraTrike Adjustable Handlebars if you want to get your handlebars into the ideal position. They adjust both the height and angle to improve comfort while riding. There are calibrated marks that make it easy to match both handlebars to the same position. If you ride an ICE trike, Sprint Helping Handles provides a firmer hand grip for added confidence when getting on and off the low seat.

sprint helping handles

Height Adjustments

Taller riders often find the recumbent seat is not positioned ideally to accommodate their long legs. The TerraTrike Seat Extender is the perfect solution, allowing you to enjoy any TerraTrike featuring the two-position fixed seat mount. Although it will slightly reduce how well a Traveler model folds, it is easy to install and adjust to make your ride more comfortable. And shorter riders haven’t been forgotten. A crank length adapter shortens cranks, so you don’t have to invest in a whole new crankset. This adjusts for both leg and arm length. The crank adapter also can be used if you have limited lower limb range of motion.

Accommodate a Friend

If you aren’t getting out as often as you’d like, perhaps you might consider sharing your trike with a friend. This can be a little inconvenient under normal circumstances as the other rider might adjust the chain to suit their needs. The Catrike Chain Tensioner and Greenspeed Chain Gobbler allow you to move the boom, which in turn compensates for the change in chain length. This makes it easier to share a trike because you can put it back to your preferred position without worrying about the chain length.

Support Your Feet

As your fitness level changes, you might discover you tire more easily out on your rides. This can lead to issues such as slipping feet that become weakened without support. Pedal sets like TerraTrike Platform Pedals provide added support for your feet and ankles. With a complete foot platform, you get solid heel support so you can relax more while peddling. This provides relief for your ankles as well. If you are having more trouble entering and exiting your trike, the pedal set includes a counterbalance on the bottom, so the pedals always remain upright. This pedal set is also very helpful for people with special needs or reduced motor control.

TerraTrike Pedals - Platform Heel Support With Straps

Adjustable Accessory Mounts

It can become more difficult to maneuver comfortably to reach various accessories on your trike.  The TerraTrike Angled Water Bottle Bracket is designed to keep your water nearby without the need to maneuver awkwardly to reach it. Your water cage affixes to the bracket, which is higher up and at an angle, so it aligns with your upper body. Your bottle also won’t leak, thanks to the angle. The ICE Mirror Mount attaches just below the hand grip, so you have an alternative point when adjusting and fixing your mirror. 

Topeak BarXtender attaches securely to the handlebars or stem to make it easy to attach bells, computers, lights, and horns while keeping them in the perfect position. Using a Greenspeed Multi-Purpose Accessory Mount for your cycle computers and GPS units ensures you don’t lose your way and keep in contact with loved ones when riding alone. Another option for your computer is the TerraTrike Computer Sensor Bracket. You’ll always have the information you need at your fingertips with a safe bracket that provides a sturdy home for any cycle computer.

Back Support

You might find you experience more back aches after riding longer distances. If this is the case, the TerraTrike Lumbar Support Cushion is just the thing for you. The customizable Lumbar Support Set allows you to choose the right thickness and shape for your pillow with three removal foam inserts. You can decide what configuration provides the best support and simply install the pillow by placing it between the mesh and adjustment straps of the seat.

Although it can be discouraging to experience a change in fitness levels or physical ability, it is important to explore your options to help maintain your desired quality of life. When triking has been an important part of your daily regime or a pastime you have come to love, you can transform your trike with these accessories to create a more accessible recumbent trike.

For more information about accessible recumbent trikes accessories, click here.

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