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Recumbent Trikes

Recumbent trikes are 3-wheel adult bikes with laid-back seats. Riding a recumbent with three wheels alleviates many pain points that many riders have while riding a regular 2-wheel bicycle including balance, fatigue, joint pain, and more. Laid Back Cycles is the top recumbent tricycle dealer on the West Coast and a leading source of information and shopping for recumbent trikes.



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Greenspeed Magnum XL
Sale price$3,490.00
2 reviews

Carrying over the same great features of the Magnum, the XL offers a bigger frame for riders in need of a larger platform. The XL is ideal for on and off-road riding, and can accommodate riders up to 450lbs.

Greenspeed GT20
Sale price$2,750.00

The GT20 is a leaner, meaner machine designed for a multitude of purposes. From grand touring or commuting, to brisk joy rides, the expertly engineered GT20 is a perfect three-wheeled adventure.

Greenspeed GT20 RS
Sale price$3,490.00

Built off the elegantly designed GT20, the GT20-RS adds rear suspension to the frame. This allows for greater shock absorption, giving your adventure even more stability and comfort.

Greenspeed x7
Sale price$3,490.00

At the corner of racing and touring boldly sits the GreenSpeed X7. This machine is an all-encompassing package of speed, outstanding handling, powerful road grip, and pure fun.

ICE Adventure Models
Starting at Sale price$4,930.00
1 review

Contact us for availability and pricing of configurations for ICE Trikes.

TerraTrike Tandem Pro
Sale price$8,350.00
1 review

TerraTrike tandems are a safe and easy way to enjoy riding with another person.

TerraTrike Traveler
Sale price$2,399.00
1 review

The Traveler is a folding trike designed to be portable, while still retaining the quality and comfort that make TerraTrikes such a joy to ride.

TerraTrike Rover Tandem
Sale price$3,500.00

TerraTrike tandems are a safe and easy way to enjoy riding with another person.

The 9 Crucial Steps to Buying a Recumbent Trike That Most Bike Shops Won't Tell You


This Buying Guide Will Help You:

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- Discover the different benefits and features
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More About Recumbent Trikes

A recumbent trike is a three-wheel bike with a laid-back seat, designed for adults to get a comfortable ride while offering a range of special benefits. Unlike a standard two-wheel bicycle, a recumbent tricycle allows you to sit back in comfort, with your entire back supported which alleviates many issues associated with riding a standard two-wheel bike. Due to the third wheel and its configuration, a recumbent trike offers greater balance which makes them ideal for anyone that may have issues staying upright on a two-wheel bike.

Recumbent tricycles have also been shown to reduce joint pain, lessen back pain, offer strong lumbar support, all while boosting cardiovascular fitness, strengthening muscles, and burning calories. This makes a recumbent trike ideal for people with arthritis and similar conditions, as it enables them to stay comfortable while still getting out into the world and exploring. The stability of recumbent tricycles adds a level of safety that is often lost as riders get older. Since they are almost impossible to tip, the likelihood of injury is greatly diminished which gives many adults the confidence they need to get out on the trails and roads and stay active.

If you love the sense of freedom and exercise benefits that cycling offers, but you no longer feel safe or supported on a standard two-wheel bike, a recumbent trike may be exactly what you've been looking for. You're in for a whole new experience when you sit down on the comfortable seat of a recumbent tricycle and begin your first journey. There's no question that a recumbent trike is an investment in your fitness, your future, and your quality of life.

Older couple happily riding their recumbent trikes alongside the American River

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